Instructions for the Viewranger app: Open GPX files on the iPhone

Viewranger App Instructions Open GPX files on iPhone

Attention: Viewranger has been switched off!

The instructions below are therefore outdated - the Viewranger app has been replaced by Outdooractive. But don't worry - Outdooractive also has extensive map material for offline storage on your smartphone! However, a PRO membership is required for this. All information about the functions and prices of the PRO membership is available directly on the website at

We have put together more information about the Outdooractive app here.

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Instructions in 7 steps (Warning: outdated instructions for Viewranger!)

Unlike in the past, most smartphones these days can open GPX files directly in the right app. In the past, this usually required an import via Dropbox or via iTunes / PC synchronization. In the meantime, however, Android and iOS have learned something new: As soon as an app such as Viewranger is installed on the smartphone, GPX files that you have sent to you by email or that you have downloaded via the browser on your mobile phone can be transferred directly to the correct app be opened.

Unfortunately, this function is somewhat hidden, especially on iPhones. Using the example of a GPX file download at, I show how it works with an iPhone (iOS version 13):

Viewranger App Instructions Open GPX files on iPhone Part 1

If you clicked the download link for a GPX file, you will be asked whether the GPX file should be loaded (step A). If you use the default Safari browser on the iPhone, the file is stored in the download folder, which is made visible by the symbol in step B. Clicking the icon displays the downloaded file (step C).

Clicking on the file displays the rather cryptic GPX file in text format. By clicking on the forwarding symbol at the top right (step D) you will get to the dialog where you can choose which app you want to use to open the file. Possibly. "Viewranger" hides behind the "More" item (step E). When you arrive at "Copy to Viewranger" (step F), you are almost there! Then the Viewranger app should open, you have to confirm the import of the file there again (step G):

Viewranger App Instructions Open GPX files on iPhone Part 2

PS: If you send the GPX files to your smartphone as an e-mail attachment, you go into the process in step D. This works quite well for most Android smartphones (and of course slightly modified compared to the screenshots above).


  1. Bernd Richter
    2 January 2021

    Hello service, I wish the whole team a healthy and successful New Year and stay healthy. I have a request for you, I got a message from you to switch to Outdooractive because of the change. (Challenges). I'm sorry that I can no longer use the challenges with you. But I have no intention of switching. I remain loyal to you and I am also very satisfied with the app. Have a nice weekend, greetings from Bernd from Saxony

    1. Frank
      2 January 2021

      Hello Bernd,
      can it be that something got mixed up? You are here on the wanderndeluxe-Website landed and not at ViewRanger :) Still interesting to know that ViewRanger is now being merged with Outdooractive. I'll have to think about which app to recommend soon ...


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