Algarve: Coastal Walk Map (Faro - Alvor)

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In the embedded map you can see the hotels where I stayed. As a further planning and orientation aid, I have inserted markings at a distance of kilometers - these appear as soon as the map is zoomed far enough.

The route always runs as close as possible to the sea, I only deviated from it in the following places (kilometer markings appear on the map as soon as the map is zoomed far enough):

  • at km 2: Because of the special landscape: way through the lagoon instead of on the beach.
  • at km 18: Walk around the Marina de Vilamoura basin.
  • km 26 to 28: Detour to one of the hotels / interesting gorge in the red cliff with a beach elevator.
  • km 31 to 32: at high tide, a short stretch may not be passable here. Possible workaround: see Description of stage 2.
  • at km 38: Marina de Albufeira harbor basin.
  • at km 48: Here I think the path along the lagoon is more varied.
  • between km 50 and 51 is popular because of the mouth of the Ribeira de Alcantarilha river. Even on or after rainy days, you can get through here in knee-deep water.
  • between km 67 and 69 the coastal hiking trail is closed, this part unfortunately has to be hiked
  • at km 75: In Ferragudo there is an option to shorten the hike by approx. 6 km: in good weather you can take the boat to Portimão (link: Taxi ferry Ferragudo). From there continue hiking from km 81.
  • km 93 to 99: From Alvor, the route runs along the lagoon through the interior to get to the Mexilhoeira Grande train station. At km 97,5, the path leads a short section over the narrow, single-track railway bridge. Particular caution must be exercised here!

The route is also available as a GPX file download and as a PDF hiking map (see also Instructions for importing GPX files into the smartphone app):

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