Elevation profile of the Algarve coastal hiking trail and 3D preview

Coastal hike Algarve Elevation profile of the hiking route

The coastal hike in the Algarve is basically flat, the highest point is about 50 meters above sea level. Those sections of the coastal hike that lead through the lagoon landscape manage almost entirely without a difference in altitude. On the cliff sections that are so typical of the Algarve, it goes up and down again and again (beach - rocky plateau - beach - rocky plateau). A total of 1.120 vertical meters of ascent and descent have to be mastered along the entire route.

3D preview of long-distance hike

The entire long-distance hike is available in a three-dimensional view at Ayvri.com. This can be very helpful when planning a long-distance hike. The preview is interactive: the camera perspective can be adjusted at any time using drag & drop. The speed of the preview can also be set variably.

Clicking on the picture opens the 3D simulation on Ayvri.com:

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