Hike along the "Victoria Lines"

Hike Victoria Lines Malta 03

Map of the hike along the "Victoria Lines"

Information about the hiking route

Route: 23,1km
Rise / descent: 564m / 535m
Duration: 08: 00h
Height chart: see map (click on button below right)


The "Victoria Lines" is a centuries-old military fortification in the northern part of Malta, consisting of several watchtowers and fortresses that are connected by a long wall. Some of the facilities are still used for military purposes today. In 1998 the "Victoria Lines" from Malta were nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The defense system runs once across the island of Malta along a natural elevation. If you want to explore the "Victoria Lines" on a hike, it is best to start in the east of the island and then walk west (start: Kosta bus stop). The trail ends in Mgarr. A stop at the United restaurant is highly recommended here (Link: www.unitedmgar.com).

The hiking route along the "Victoria Lines" is available as a GPX file download (in a package with the 6 stages of the long-distance hike Malta-Gozo) and is also shown in the matching PDF hiking map.

Pictures from the "Victoria Lines"

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  1. Ray Cachia Zammit
    4 November 2020

    From Fort Bingemma to Bingemma Gap, Dwejra: the detour shown on the map (detail reproduced here) is NOT necessary. The farmhouse seems to block the route but it is possible to walk around it and regain the Victoria Lines infantry wall which can then be followed across Bingemma Heights, following the contour of the Great Fault.


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