La Palma: Which areas are affected by the volcanic eruption?

La Palma area affected volcano Cumbre Vieja crater

The volcanic eruption on La Palma

On 19.09.2021 the volcano "Cumbre Vieja" erupted on La Palma. As of October 17.11.2021, XNUMX, the lava flow has so far reached and devastated the following areas. The red border on the following map shows the spread of the lava (database The data collectors of Openstreetmap, on whose information the following map display is based, can hardly keep up with the cartographic changes:


PS: The picture above comes from the volcano "Hoyo Negro" (= "Black Hole"). This last erupted in 1949 and is also located on La Palma. Its crater is about 4 km from the volcano "Cumbre Vieja".

Available downloads

Note: The PDF hiking map shows the state before the volcanic eruption!

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