Menorca: GR 223 ("Camí de Cavalls")

GR 223

The long-distance hiking trail "Camí de Cavalls" in Menorca (GR 223)

The long-distance hiking trail "Camí de Cavalls" has long been on the list of our holiday wishes: on the 185 km long hiking trail, the entire island of Menorca can be walked in about 10 stages. The long-distance hike in Menorca has already been recommended to us by many other hikers and is probably a must for lovers of island tours (besides La Gomera).

"Camí de Cavalls" is the Catalan name for the Spanish long-distance hiking trail GR 223. Translated, it means "horse trail" and indicates the historical roots of the trail: the trails along the coast are said to have been used by riders to defend the island against pirate attacks.

Although some sections of the coastal path run on private property, the hiking trail is now completely accessible - thanks to the intensive efforts of the island administration. When planning the stages, however, it must be taken into account that overnight accommodations are few and far between. In particular in the nature reserve "Parc natural de s'Albufera des Grau" north of the island's capital there are no hotels and pensions to be found, so that an overnight stay is not possible here.

The solution: From Mahón, the island's capital, the route to the nature reserve should be covered by taxi or bus (bus connection to "Es Grau" only from mid-June to mid-September). This shortens the distance of this stage from barely 33 kilometers to about 23 kilometers. See also the marking on our interactive map and the alternative taxi or bus route from Mahón to "Es Grau".

It makes sense to start the long-distance hike in Mahón and circle Menorca on the GR 223 counter-clockwise.

Interactive map

Information about the long-distance hiking trail

Minorca: GR 223
Length:185 km
Elevation gain:3.285 m
Descent in altitude:3.285 m
The highest point:133 m
Number of stages:10 days
Altitude difference per stage:328 m

3D preview of the long-distance hike

The entire long-distance hike is available in a three-dimensional view at This can be very helpful when planning a long-distance hike. The preview is interactive: the camera perspective can be adjusted at any time using drag & drop. The speed of the preview can also be set variably.

(Clicking on the picture opens the 3D simulation

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  1. 18 November 2021


    is it possible to hike the route with a dog? Or is it not advisable?
    Many greetings Lisa

    1. Frank
      21 November 2021

      Hi Lisa,
      Unfortunately, I haven't been to Menorca myself yet, so I can't really judge it from the route. I also have no hiking experience with a dog. In terms of accommodation, there shouldn't be any problems - there are enough pet-friendly accommodations that you can search for ("Pets allowed" filter on

  2. angelica focke
    11 January 2022

    Söker efter övernattning hotel along vägen.
    Cami de cavallsan

  3. Stephen Fisher
    March 14, 2022

    Hello Frank,
    I just looked at the Menorca circular hike. Your map with the accommodation options is very helpful, thank you very much!
    Up in the north of the island there are already some sections without accommodation and in the south in the tourist centers there are sometimes no vacancies despite many hotels.
    I'm already considering doing the GR 221 in Mallorca instead. It doesn't appear in your list at all, do you have any experience with it?
    Best Regards

    1. Frank
      March 14, 2022

      Hi Stefan,
      Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the GR 221 yet. But I just discovered that I had prepared at least the basics for the GR 221 as an entry, but hadn't published them yet. I've made up for that now - then there is at least an interactive map for the GR221:

      1. Stephen Fisher
        March 14, 2022

        Great, thank you!

  4. Carina
    18 Maj 2022

    Hej, he doesn't sell it till bage efter hiking on GR221. Demanded the over 8 etaper med start i Port de Polencia and slut i Port d'Andratz (via San Elm). Kan clear on befale GR221. Really cute nature. Overnight on the Refuge and the fun talk is good. Slutningen he noget sparsom sydpå, men en god app med roden indtegnet he gold værd. So god tur til jer.
    We'd love to try GR223 Menorca

    1. Frank
      19 Maj 2022

      Hello Carina,

      Thanks for your comment! I'll translate it into German first (All other language versions of this website will be translated from German).

      Hello, I have just returned from a hike on the GR221. Spread over 8 stages from Port de Polencia to Port d'Andratz (via San Elm). Would definitely recommend GR221. Unusually beautiful nature. We stayed at the Refugi and it worked quite well. The end is a bit sparse to the south, but a good app with a map of the route is worth its weight in gold. So good luck to you.
      Would really like to try GR223 Menorca myself

      Glad you liked the GR221 and everything worked (Link: GR221)! I still have it in front of me myself... just like the GR223. You should have more vacation ;-)
      Greetings from Hamburg

  5. Siegi & Helga
    July 17, 2022

    Hello Frank,
    After the Corfu Trail last year, this year we decided to do the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca. First of all - we enjoyed every kilometer, every hour. Walking the trail counter-clockwise is definitely recommended. We had 8 walking days from Mao to just after Binissafuller (from there directly to the airport) and 2 rest days in Cala Galdana. The kilometer data on various maps, apps, ... are (as with other trails) very tight - somehow at the end of the day there are more and more meters. In mid-June not everything on the island is in bloom and it is already quite hot (especially on the treeless north and west coast), but the sea is already pleasantly warm. We had booked the accommodations a few months in advance. This was a bit tedious because the offers are sparse, but it worked out wonderfully. The disadvantage is always that you have to walk the stages without any ifs and buts, but camping (we saw some of them) is no longer ours.
    Stage 1 is often described as a taxi ride to es Grau to start there to make the length bearable. We also walked this part and had such a great start. The sticking point of the tour was certainly stage 3 from Platges de Fornells to Cala Morell. This stage is really only recommended for fit, enduring walkers. A shortcut is probably only possible by taxi at the beginning (e.g. to Binimel) - but then you miss something. Bus connections are very sparse. At the end of the day (6.30 a.m. - 19.00 p.m.) it was about 40 km, well over 1000 meters in altitude and 59000 steps - please take enough water for this stage - only in the restaurant in Binimel (if open) and at a water source at km 68 it precious drinking water.
    The path almost always goes directly along the sea and especially on the south coast one dream bay follows the next. We walked the coastal path from Cala Caldana to Sant Tomas. However, you will hardly find lonely bays, since many day tourists either accept long ways to the bay or come by boat.
    Orientation on the trail is easy as there are an estimated 3000 waymarks.
    In preparation, we recommend the hiking guide The Camí de Cavalls, Menorca: Menorca (Guia & Mapa)
    Also the home page is very helpful (at least until you have walked the trail yourself and put in more information)
    We can warmly recommend the trail on this still very natural island and wish you the time to start soon.
    LG from Austria
    Siegi & Helga

    1. Frank
      July 20, 2022

      Hello Siegi and Helga!
      Wow, you've shown quite a bit of fitness there! Respect! The northern part of the coast seems to be really difficult in terms of accommodation. Perhaps one solution would be to stay two nights in Platges de Fornells, explore the first part of the further path from there (back and forth) and then take a taxi the next day, e.g. to the beach you mentioned, Platja de Binimel·là . I'll find out more about it and hopefully be there soon myself :-)
      Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience here!

      1. Ingrid
        19 December 2022

        Hello Frank,
        We were traveling in Menorca in May 2018. The hiking guide: The Cami de Cavalls, around Menorca in 10 days/20 stages, helped us a lot with planning the tour. In the north we took a taxi from Fornells to Platja Binimel-La and hiked back on the first day. On the second day then by taxi to Binnimel-La, from there not to Platja Els Alocs as described in the book, but to the next, much nicer bay, Cala del Pilar. Parking about 20-30 minutes away. From here we hitchhiked to Ferreries for accommodation. Attention, especially in the north on the beaches there is often no radio connection for cell phones. The next day we are again from Cala del Pilar to Cala Morell. Whereby a bay before, Algaiarens is approached by the bus. So we mastered the north in good daily stages, because after all there are also a few meters of altitude to cover with luggage. Swimming in the sea is also not neglected.
        Greetings Ingrid and Dietmar

        1. Frank
          27 December 2022

          Hello Ingrid and Dietmar,
          Many thanks for the many tips, I will probably get the hiking guide as well. I like to hike on my own, but the north of the island in particular seems to me to be a bit planning-intensive and there is little to be gained by just starting to hike.
          I'm definitely looking forward to making it to Menorca!

  6. Almuth
    March 29, 2024

    Hello Frank,
    We have just returned from Cami de Cavalls in Menorca with great enthusiasm. The path is even more varied than imagined. We walked the route in 10 stages from March 13th, as we are already part of the older hiking semester (67/70). Stage length 14-19 km. (Plus four days of rest with short tours).
    Mid-March is still extremely low season, many things are still closed, but it was still possible to walk the entire route with pre-booked accommodation (via and Airbnb). In several places there was actually only one accommodation option (under €120 per night). Some shops and accommodations open in the week before Easter, and a few in the coastal towns are also open in the winter months. From the beginning of April the organization will be easier.
    We contacted the accommodations several times in advance and asked for bottles of water or food or asked when the shops would be open.

    The distance:
    1st stage: Punta Prima – Mao (many quarters)
    2nd stage: Mao – Es Grau (accommodation via, a converted garage, expensive, but Es Grau is very worthwhile as a place to stay overnight)
    3rd stage: Es Grau – Addaia (apartment via, booking was only possible for two days, therefore a break day)
    4th stage: Addaia – Fornells (nice hostal via
    5th stage: Fornells – Agroturismo Son Vives. (Wonderful accommodation via in a panoramic location, approx. 6 km walk inland from Binimel-la (pass a closure sign). You can also take a taxi from Binimel-la or have someone pick you up)
    We left out the section between Binimel-la and Cala del Pilar.
    6th stage: Agroturismo Son Vives, transfer to Cala del Pilar – Cala Morell (There is a private accommodation here via Airbnb that can be rented out for one night and even has a food depot for hikers)
    7th stage: Cala Morell – Ciutadella (Many accommodations. Particularly recommended: Meloussa boutique hotel via
    8th stage: Ciutadella – Cap d'Artrutx (accommodations only via Airbnb)
    9th stage: Cap d'Artrutx - Cala Galdana (More on, pampering at the Artiem Audax Hotel, but also apartments to rent)
    10th stage: Cala Galdana – Es Migjorn Gran (worthwhile detour to a very beautiful, lively village inhabited by locals. On the way there the impressive Cova des Coloms)
    11th stage: Es Migjorn Gran – Son Bou (short stage because of the worthwhile beach in Son Bou. The large beach hotel,, is cheap accommodation, the food is not good, but the view from the balcony is brilliant)
    12th stage: Son Bou – Cala en Porter (short stage, worthwhile detour to the prehistoric site of Torre d'en Gaumes. Accommodation only via Airbnb)
    13th stage: Cala en Porter – Binibequer Vell (accommodation in Binibequer Vell is definitely recommended, even if the reviews are not that good)

    I would be happy to provide further information. You can forward inquiries to me if necessary.
    Conclusion: It's fantastic to go around the island on your own. Otherwise, taxi ordering works smoothly.

    1. Frank
      7 April 2024

      Hello Almuth,
      Thank you very much for your detailed report! I think I owe you another response to one of your comments - I'll do that somewhere else :-) And thank you for your offer to forward inquiries to you. Let's see who uses it!
      I'm pretty busy at work right now, so the free time is for Wanderndeluxe close calculated. And that's why sometimes I can't keep up with answering the comments and questions - not to mention developing new hiking routes. That makes it all the more tempting to perhaps tackle the Cami de Cavalls soon - you've already done a lot of work for me :-)
      I wish you many more wonderful hiking holidays!
      Greetings from Hamburg


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