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During a hiking holiday in the Alps - somewhere on one of the last stages between Munich and Venice - other hikers enthusiastically told us about their last winter holiday: a hiking holiday around the island on La Gomera. This holiday idea was immediately added to our personal wish list! Back home, we started researching and planning, but were amazed at how difficult it was to get information about this trail. We accepted the challenge and, with the help of various online tools, put together our own stage planning with overnight stays in hotels and guest houses.

On site on La Gomera, we were so impressed by the island, the landscape, the small villages, the views and the varied route of the GR-132 that we decided to document this hiking trail online and make it better known. So we came to in early 2015 our first little online hiking guide!

We were amazed and pleased with the many positive feedback on our La Gomera site, the enthusiastic comments and, above all, how quickly this hiking trail - perhaps a little with our help ;-) - made it into the German media: In 2016 the travel magazine "Geo season" in the "Special Canary Islands" reported in detail on the GR-132, further articles appeared on the GR-132 Mirror online and last in SZ-Magazin the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

At that point we had dealt with the Amalfi coast already hiked another vacation destination. Since we were on the road again with our own route planning, this long-distance hiking suggestion also had to logically go online :-)

We are now something like hobby hiking book authors and always enjoy sharing experiences and tips and making travel planning easier for others. Because hiking, the fresh air and the combination of physical activity and enjoyment and relaxation are so good for us on vacation, we will certainly dig up one or the other Mediterranean hiking destination ...

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