Use of affiliate links

Use of affiliate links on our website

Hiking is one of our favorite holiday activities and that's why we run our various hiking websites with lots of love and commitment as a hobby project.

Unfortunately, there are also running costs for these websites: On the one hand, the technical infrastructure has to be paid (domain and hosting costs), on the other hand, the integration of the map material we use is no longer free of charge after a certain number of page views. In addition, topics that have little or nothing to do with hiking - such as the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - on our side cause effort so that we can operate our hiking websites in compliance with legal obligations and regulations.

So that we can still operate this website to cover costs, we have decided to use so-called affiliate links. Affiliate links are links to other sites such as or, where we receive a commission if someone comes from one of our websites and books an overnight stay or buys a product. You can find details on this in the respective data protection declaration of each website.

So if you want to support us, we would be happy if you book your overnight stays via our affiliate links. This works not only for all of the accommodations we recommend along a hiking route, but for all hotels worldwide that are listed on The only condition: you must have clicked on one of our links before booking the hotel, e.g. just this link here.

This enables us to continue operating our info websites on a permanent basis.

And if, after deducting all costs, a small surplus remains, we will immediately use it for a new hiking holiday :-)

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